Both Theories About the Ariana-Big Sean Breakup Involve Justin Bieber

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Why did Ariana Grande and Big Sean break up? The lamestream media has two theories, but either way you spin it, it has something to do with Justin Bieber.

Theory 1: Big Sean dumped Ariana Grande.

According to TMZ, Big Sean ended things with Grande just before her recent concert appearance with Justin Bieber because she’s “immature.”

Sources say the downfall of their relationship started in February, when he made the most important appearance of his career at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Everyone showed — Kanye, Bieber, JLo, Chris Brown, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Tyga, Kylie and Kendall — everyone EXCEPT ARIANA. We’re told she needed to get ready for the Grammy’s the next day, which he found extremely selfish.
…But the crowning blow was just after the breakup. They were still talking and the door was slightly open for a reconciliation, when Bieber jumped onstage in L.A. and grabbed Ariana from behind. Even though Ariana pushed Biebs away, Sean believes it was all calculated — NOT by Bieber but Ariana — to hurt him.


Theory 2: Ariana Grande dumped Big Sean.

What with the breakup being announced after Grande’s concert with Justin Bieber, rumors are swirling that she left Big Sean for the Beebs. The Hollywood Gossip reports:

…It’s not hard to see why fans suspect that Grieber might soon be a thing. Ariana and Justin are both young, single and wildly successful, and they both have a history of wasting no time when it comes to moving on from a breakup.
…If these two are hooking up, you can expect them to keep it under wraps for as long as possible. Ari would no doubt want to spare Sean’s feelings, and she’s smart enough to avoid looking like Bieber’s latest flavor of the month in the media.

Once again, the most obvious theory is the one that’s left completely ignored.


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