Bradley Cooper Unsure If He ‘Really Loved the Kid’ Months After His Daughter Was Born

I love a good celebrity over-share, and Cooper’s recent appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast did not disappoint.

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Bradley Cooper Unsure If He ‘Really Loved the Kid’ Months After His Daughter Was Born

There’s nothing I love more than celebrities running their mouths and saying a bunch of things they probably shouldn’t. So on that note, I give you Bradley Cooper’s recent interview on Dax Shepard‘s Armchair Expert podcast, in which Cooper discloses that he had mixed-slash-confused feelings toward his six-year-old daughter Lea when she was first born.

“The first eight months—I don’t even know if I really love the kid,” Cooper told Shepard. He said he initially didn’t understand parents who would say pretty standard things like, “I would die in a second for my kid.” 

“That’s my experience,” Cooper continued. “Fascinated by it [daughter Lea]. Loved taking care of it. But would I die if someone came in with a gun? … And then all of a sudden, it’s like, no question.” Cooper finally warmed up to his daughter, though it apparently took almost a year: “It’s dope. It’s cool. I’m watching this thing morph.”

Certainly some interesting comments that I don’t doubt would get a female celebrity canceled in a heartbeat, considering our media ecosystem raises alarms the moment someone like Sophie Turner is so much as spotted somewhere without her young children. Indeed, a female celebrity referring to her human child as a “thing” and being uncertain that they’d die for their kid is pretty hard to imagine!

In any case, by the end of the conversation, Cooper insists that his young daughter, who he shares with Irina Shayk, saved his life. Cooper and Shayk have dated on and off since 2015 but he’s currently dating Gigi Hadid (which Shayk allegedly isn’t thrilled with) while Shayk is seeing Tom Brady. “Being a parent? Honestly, I’m not sure I’d be alive if I wasn’t a dad. I don’t know,” Cooper said. When Shepard asks what would happen to him without daughter Lea, Cooper responds that he “is not sure.” C’mon, Bradley—just make something up!

“I’ve clocked that she’s going to be seven in March. You know my relationship with my dad, [I didn’t ] spend a lot of time with him. I think I’ve already logged more hours with my daughter than I did with my dad his entire life,” Cooper said. “So that alone is bonkers.”

I don’t doubt that Cooper loves his daughter very much. I just have to laugh at his clumsy manner of articulating that. Anyway, happy almost-birthday Lea—congratulations on your dad ultimately coming around to you!

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