Britney Spears Goes to Target All the Time Like a Normal Person

Britney Spears Goes to Target All the Time Like a Normal Person
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Britney Spears has had her share of challenges of late, but it seems lack of home goods was not one of them, as she apparently shopped at Target 80 times in 2018. I go to Duane Reade 80 times a week and my local bodega 80 times a day, so I’m not sure this is really anything, but here we are.

E! News got ahold of some financial documents from Spears’s ongoing conservatorship case, only to discover that the celebrity is Just Like Us.

Per E! News:

Documents listed more than 80 different trips to Target where she was able to experience all the store’s offerings including clothes, toys, décor, food and more. Other stores she frequented often included Ralph’s Grocery and Home Depot.
In fact, the A-list singer visited many familiar—and totally relatable—stores including Hobby Lobby, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Pier 1 Imports.

Entertainment Tonight reports that these shopping trips added up to a total of $66,000. And sure, that sounds like a lot, but the last time I went to Target (i.e. on Sunday) I needed a power strip and left with five bottles of conditioner, a fancy plunger, some sparkly nail polish, a pack of Hanes t-shirts, and a cup shaped like an apple. (I also almost bought this barista Barbie doll but thought better of it.)

Target is designed specifically to lure you in with the promise of supplying you with a giant pack of toilet paper, then trick you into purchasing a dozen different plastic containers and a new lamp, even though you already have three lamps, all of which are also from Target. And so, it is not Britney Spears’s fault that she spent more there than I make in a year, as she is only human, and humans NEED a lifetime supply of Project 62 candles, or they will assuredly die. I don’t make the rules, but CEO of Target Brian Cornell does.

Anyway, here are some more celebrities who love Target:

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