Britney Spears Is Being Forced to Pay Over $600k in Her Mom’s Legal Fees

Not only is Lynne Spears living in a $1.7 million home paid for by her daughter, now she's asking her to foot the bill for her attorney's fees. Seems fair!

Britney Spears Is Being Forced to Pay Over $600k in Her Mom’s Legal Fees
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If there’s one Britney anthem the entire Spears family seemingly knows by heart, it’s “Gimme More.” In fact, they just can’t seem to stop saying it.

Yesterday, the pop star’s legal team filed a formal objection to her mother Lynne’s request for her to pay her attoney’s fees: a whopping $663,202.84 since the start of a now-terminated conservatorship. This is now the second parent that has asked Britney to foot the bill for their exorbitant legal fees.

As if over a decade of using Britney to bankroll their respective lifestyles—from sprawling properties to a pitch for a bad reality television show—wasn’t enough, her family’s shameless exploitation of her endures.

“Britney Spears has for decades been her family’s sole breadwinner, supporting her entire family,” Britney’s attorney Matthew Rosengart stated in a filing on Tuesday with the Los Angeles Superior Court. “Lynne Spears and her counsel seek payment of legal fees and costs—from Britney Spears—of more than $660,000.”

The filing also argues that the fact that Lynne was not an official party involved in the conservatorship—a point Lynn has often made publicly known — there is “no legal authority” supporting her request.

Lynne’s legal team filed the request back in November, just weeks before the conservatorship was terminated. In the filing, attorneys for Lynne argued that Britney’s life improved because of her mother’s efforts to end the conservatorship. In essence, Lynne’s legal team is asserting that the very least Britney can do for her mother in gratitude for her arguably delated advocacy is to foot the bill for it. Because what says thanks, mom, better than a few hundred thousand Benjamins?

In a since-deleted Instagram post following the initial request, the singer denied that her mother worked on her behalf behind the scenes and claimed that the conservatorship was, in fact, her mother’s idea, as her father wasn’t “smart enough” to think of it. “My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea,” Britney wrote.

While a decision on what will be done about the fees wasn’t reached yesterday, it’s important to note that Lynne is still currently living in a $1.7 million home that was paid for and maintained with her daughter’s money.

“Lynne Spears has for at least a decade resided in a large, expensive house owned by Britney Spears in Kentwood, La., for which her daughter has also continuously — and generously — paid Lynne Spears’s utilities, telephone services, insurance, property taxes, landscaping, pool work, pest control, repairs and maintenance, totaling approximately $1.7 million,” Rosengart’s filing states.

$663,202.84 is an awfully steep price to pay your family, especially one that unceremoniously stripped you of your human rights for 13 years and happily took your hard-earned money as if it were their own. “Free Britney” means free her, yes, from that insane, paternalistic conservatorship—but also free her from having to bankroll all of her relatives, please.

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