Brody Jenner is the New Kardashian Spokesperson

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Just in time for the launch of a new season Keeping Up with the Kardashians, official Kardashian spokesperson Brody Jenner says (in a well-edited preview) that he’d sooner rescue Reggie Bush from a burning building than Kanye West. Whoa! That’s some real talk, Brody.

Of course, no Jenner would just offer baseless beef without some sort of personal slight: his (still unidentified) girlfriend at the time wasn’t invited to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, so he didn’t go, either—and now there’s this burning building bullshit. Damn.

Brody, take it from someone who’s been to endless bachelorette parties/bridal showers/baby showers/friends’ children’s birthday parties: that shit stacks up real fast. If anything, your (then? I don’t know if you’re still dating her) girlfriend dodged a budgetary bullet.


Meanwhile, Kanye West is busy focusing on his auditorium strut: The Art Institute of Chicago is about to grant Nori’s papa with an honorary degree, a decade after Mr. West dropped out of American Academy of Art and Chicago State University and began rapping about being a college dropout and succeeding, anyway. (Seriously: I hear you on that, Yeezy.) [Billboard]

A Kanye-to-Jay Z segue just feels natural, am I right? Either way, Hova has not quite acknowledged borrowing one of Swiss composer Bruno Sporerri’s tracks for use in his Magna Carta Holy Grail album, but is paying half of the royalties from the sale of Versus, the track in question, so I guess that’s the same as acknowledging it without making a public statement. [Billboard]

•More music news: here’s that much-hyped Azealia Banks Playboy cover. No word on whether she’ll be showing her See You Next Tuesday inside the actual spread, says Banks. [BET]

•”No one knows eggs better than Bacon,” says egg spokesman Kevin Bacon in a haha, OMG, LOL kind of way. [People]

•”Chris Brown? What Chris Brown?” – Karreuche, if she were playing Daisy Buchanan circa 2015 [Bossip]

Jessica Alba cut her hair into a swingy little bob and it looks pretty cute/fresh/not the kind of haircut you get when you’re going through a major life transition and feel like, “FUCK everything, I’m cutting off my hair.” In other words: it’s a nice haircut. [People]

Blake and Ryan = the new Britney and Justin? (No, sorry, but nice try.) [Just Jared]

•British musician Sam Smith is beating American musician Madonna’s album sales in the United Kingdom. [BBC]

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