Buscabulla's New Dev Hynes-Produced Song 'Caer' Is Awesome

Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle make up the Brooklyn-via-Trujillo Alto duo Buscabulla, a name which means “troublemaker” in Puerto Rican slang. Earlier this year, they won a weird contest put on by Guitar Center and Converse; the prize included the opportunity to record at the latter corporation’s Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, with Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange at the helm. The result is their latest, self-titled EP, now out on Kitsuné, including this lovely jam, “Caer,” which may or may not sound so seductive because Luis Alfredo Del Valle and Raquel Berrios are in looooooove (and also just had a baby, shout out to that baby).

With their music, Buscabulla takes elements of more-traditional music—maracas and tropical vibes—and puts them in a modern context, what Berrios calls “a new generation of Caribbean music.” She is also a badass:

I like to take these male Latin genres—Latin culture is known to be very male and chauvinistic—and I like to turn it around and put it in a new context. Aside from that, I think my songs are about spirituality in a way, and in a really light way. They’re not necessarily singer-songwriter type of things, they just talk about concepts in general that are a little bit loose. None of them are love songs. They’re more songs about the self or the culture where I come from. I think it’s kind of an exploration of that.

There’s also a distinct fried egg theme in this video, which is directed by Alan del Rio Ortiz, and on their website. Everyone loves a fried egg. Get into it.

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