Bush Coins Top Political Catchphrase • California Flasher Gets 10 Years In Prison


• Bush’s “I can hear you” has been named the top political catchphrase of the decade, according to a company that apparently decides random shit like this. “Global warming” came in second, and “war on terror” was number three.

Obama’s “the audacity of hope” was all the way down at number seven, and there’s no word yet on where “drill, baby, drill” falls. • An incredibly depressing report out of Canada finds that over 80 woman in Afghanistan attempted suicide in the last year by setting themselves on fire. “Self-immolation is being used by increasing numbers of Afghan women to escape their dire circumstances and women constitute the majority of Afghan suicides,” said the report. • Christopher Fenn, 47, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for flashing dozens of women in a three year period. The “serial flasher” approached his victims in the early morning, often by appearing at their homes and exposing himself in the window. • Screening and treatment does not reduce the number of cases of chlamydia among teen girls, according to a new counter-intuitive study. Out of the girls in the study, 10% were infected at the beginning, and despite frequent treatment and testing, 10% were infected at the end. • A dating website soon to be launched in India has already received hundreds of applications. The site will be specifically targeted toward those living with HIV/AIDS and will also arrange services like premarital counseling. • A birth story that ABC News reported as a “Christmas miracle” (“astonishing and inexplicable”) may not have been particularly miraculous at all. It seems that the “miracle” – which occurred when the mother’s heart stopped and quickly started again minutes later – may have been a somewhat rare complication caused by the epidural.R.I.P. Mary Gardiner Jones, consumer advocate and first woman to serve on the FTC. Jones passed away on December 23rd at the age of 89. • A 36-year-old Florida mom is being questioned by police following reports that she gave alcohol to a group of 12-year-olds at a sleepover party. Sarah Shay distributed Mike’s Hard Lemonade to the middleschoolers (including her own daughter), many of whom got sick and vomited. She reportedly told the children not to tell their parents. • According to new research, the composition of bacteria communities that live on the foreskin changes dramatically after circumcision. They believe this may help explain why circumcised men are less likely to contract HIV. • The Wall Street Journal has released a list of the best and worst jobs. Turns out, you’re better off being a prison guard than a photojournalist. • Alaskan teenagers are mellowing out, according to a new poll, which found that cigarette and alcohol consumption among highschoolers has declined in the past year. It’s probably the liberal media bias talking here, but somehow we doubt former gov. Palin had anything to do with this. • Gay rights group Garden State Equality said on Thursday that they plan to continue fighting to legalize gay marriage, despite recent setbacks. • Police in Kentucky are investigating a recent bank robbery committed by a man dressed in drag. The suspect wore a dress, makeup, and a green coat with a fur trim. They believe he may have also been involved in several other local crimes. • Lost fans can breath easy: Obama will not ruin your fun by airing the State of the Union during the season premiere. While they haven’t set a date for the presidential address, it will not happen on February 2nd, said the White House press secretary. • Kentucky governor Steve Beshear has ordered the removal of 400 female inmates from the Otter Creek Correctional Complex following reports of sexual misconduct among the corrections officers. They are also taking measures to reduce the number of assaults by attempting to hire more female guards (the staff is currently mostly male) and installing video cameras. •

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