Cab Driver Must Pay $10K For Telling Lesbian Couple To Stop Kissing


Not everyone is down for PDA, which is understandable, but in the case of NYC cab driver Mohammad Dahbi, his aversion to public makeouts came with a $10,000 price. Why? Because he’s a bigoted assholio who told a lesbian couple that they couldn’t kiss in his cab during their ride home. A court ordered Dahbi to pay the hefty fee after telling Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton to stop the smooching or get out of the car.

According to DNAinfo, the two women then asked Dahbi to pull over and departed the vehicle without payment, which resulted in the driver calling the women “bitches,” “cunts” and “whores.” Dahbi claimed to not have been discriminating against the couple because of their sexual orientation, but the judge thought otherwise and sided with the women. Let’s be real. Making out in the back of a cab has been around since the invention of cabs. Straight couples who’ve copped some feels in the back of Dahbi’s cab before were more than likely not treated in the same type of jerkoff manner. Along with the fine, Dahbi will also have to attend anti-discrimination training. Hopefully this will teach him a lesson that all cab makeouts deserve to be equal.

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