Call Her Daddy Has a New Family Now

The podcast Call Her Daddy has found a new, $60 million home at Spotify following a contentious split with Barstool Sports and founding father Sofia Franklyn

Call Her Daddy Has a New Family Now
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I don’t know if you’ve heard of these newfangled radio plays called “podcasts,” but apparently the kids love ’em, especially the ones where conventionally attractive women talk about sex a lot. In fact, Spotify is willing to bet that audiences will love Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast to the tune of $60 million, which is what the streaming platform paid for the show after Cooper’s very public fallout with Barstool Sports last year.

In case you have forgotten or didn’t care the first time, Call Her Daddy used to feature two hosts, which fans monikered “fathers,” Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. After signing a contract with Barstool, a company renowned for its sexist sports yelling, for $75,000 their first year, the pair quickly became the most downloaded podcast on the network and then became one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Cue a lot of fighting, secret bonuses paid to Cooper, the intervention of an HBO executive dating Franklyn, and Barstool owner David Portnoy making an unhinged Twitter thread that bizarrely involved Scooter Braun, the music cretin responsible for some of Taylor Swift’s woes. The whole thing ended with Franklyn walking off and starting her own podcast, and now, Alex Cooper moving to Spotify with the full backlog of episodes and her own solo, still very successful show.

And this has been Minor 2020 Drama Recap Minute, featuring your host, Emily Alford. New episodes of Call Her Daddy, along with the library of all the old ones, will be available on Spotify starting in July.

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