Cancel Your April Fool's Prank Because Jill Biden Wins Forever


If you’re cooking up some half-assed April Fool’s Day prank, just don’t bother. Because Jill Biden already has everyone beat, after huddling in an overhead luggage compartment in Air Force Two, so she could burst forth and scare the shit out of her husband, the vice president.

That’s according to the AP, teasing the VP’s upcoming appearance on The Rachel Ray Show to promote signups. But the interview doesn’t air until Monday, which leaves us with a multitude of questions. How did she fit into an overhead compartment? How did she manage to pop out without breaking an arm? Did she just sort of poke her head out, or did she actually spring out? How did Joe not have a heart attack at the surprise?

Most importantly, how did Jill Biden get into that compartment without having a claustrophobic freakout? And does Joe just walk around in constant fear of getting massively PUNK’D?

Biden also said it took four proposals of marriage before she accepted, and that he uses Clinique skin cream for men because his wife told him to. Jill Biden rules.

Photo via Getty.

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