Cannibal Cop, Convicted of Plotting to Eat Woman, May be Home Soon


In New York City, the cannibal cop who was convicted of planning to kidnap, kill and eat young ladies might be on his way home because he was just fantasizing.

On Monday, Judge Paul Gardephe ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to support Gilberto Valle’s 2013 conviction. According to the Daily News, Valle was acquitted of kidnapping conspiracy charges, among other charges, for which he would’ve faced life behind bars. Prosecutors presented search results where he’d combed the web for “how to knock someone out with chloroform and where to get torture devices and other tools.” He even used a police database to find potential victims, which carries a one year maximum sentence in itself.

But Valle’s lawyers asserted that all of the evidence, including fetish chats about roasting women like turkeys and using a human head as a fashionable center piece, was just fantasy and convicting Valle would set a dangerous precedent if people could be prosecuted for their thoughts.

Dude, if someone is plotting to kidnap, cook and eat me, please put them under the jail America.

Back in 2013, a jury found that Valle was not just day dreaming about murdering his wife and lonely female neighbors but Judge Gardephe says out with the old (justice) and in with the new! There is a followup hearing on Tuesday regarding the status of Valle’s case. He’s been in jail since his arrest in 2012 … where he was working as a cook.

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