Carrie Fisher on the Controversy Over Princess Leia Bikini Toys: 'I Think That’s Stupid'


With the release date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens creeping closer and closer, we are getting a true treat: interviews with Carrie Fisher.

For instance, this chat with the Wall Street Journal. She talked a little about Star Wars fans—“mostly they’re lovely”—and how Leia has evolved. “She’s someone who’s had experiences that were difficult,” she said. “It’s not as funny anymore.” She also pointed out how precious a role like an older Leia is in Hollywood: “I’m a female working in show business, where, if you’re famous, you have a career until you’re 45, maybe. Maybe. And that’s about 15 people.”

But it’s particularly worthwhile for this tart exchange (h/t Byron Tau):

There’s been some debate recently about whether there should be no more merchandise with you in the “Return of the Jedi” bikini.
I think that’s stupid.
To stop making the merchandise?
The father who flipped out about it, “What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?” Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.

“Then I killed him because I didn’t like it.” Yup, that’s pretty much Princess Leia.

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Photo via AP Images.

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