Cats vs. Dogs: We Have A Winner!


So it was written, and so it was done. Corgi, winner of the Dog Conference, has narrowly defeated Cat Conference champ Tuxedo. It took blood, sweat, and thousands of votes, but now it’s official: DOGS ARE BETTER. Canines are the superior pet, plain and simple. But getting here wasn’t easy.

Cat people, you may take solace in knowing that your proud representative didn’t go down without a fight — it was a tough one, and both competitors lodged fouls for biting and howling. Tuxedo took an early lead, but after 5 or 6 hours Corgi slipped ahead. In the end, Tuxedo lost by a mere 427 votes, capturing 48.59% of your hearts to Corgi’s 51.41%. The loss was crushing. But Tuxedo was raised well and knew to be a good sport; the cat shook paws with Corgi and left the court with its furry head held high. After all, he has been determined to be The Best Cat, and that’s not too shabby.

But it’s one beast to rule them all. Hundreds of years of war come to an end here and now. We sought and have found peace. And no matter how you feel, you must come to accept reality. Dogs are better than cats.

For full tournament coverage, such that you may revisit those tremendous highs and the lowest of lows, go here.

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