CeeLo's Still Trying Out Apologies for That Drugging a Woman Thing


CeeLo Green is making the press rounds for his new album Heart Blanche and perfecting his response to questions about that whole pleading no contest to felony charges that he drugged a women thing. Also, that time he ranted on Twitter about the definition of rape and unconsciousness.

Green spoke to The Sunday Times about his past and had this reformed public relations statement to say, via NME:

“I do realise in retrospect that it was highly sensitive, what I tweeted – highly irresponsible,” he said. “It did stem from emotion causing some involuntary action, and I do beieve [sic] that, maybe just possibly, we could all give each other a margin for human error.
“And in those instances I do realise I’m an artist, that I’m flawed; and sometimes, you know, you don’t think. I was most certainly not thinking, not considering whom I might offend. And to those many people, however many or however few, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise again.”

Sigh. Then CeeLo added that he almost pulled a Pharrell, who happens to be a producer on Heart Blanche, and named his album Girl Power.

“At one point it was called ‘Girl Power’, because it is all about the adornment, the upliftment, the exaltment and the appreciation of all things woman,” he said, going on to describe women as “our most miraculous muse – an enchantment that encourages all art.”

Yeah, that wouldn’t have worked either, bud.

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