Celebs Show You How To Be Sexy! (With Sexyface Gallery)


We have mixed feelings about these OK! Magazine “Sexy Singles Events” (this one at NYC’s Juliet Supper Club.) On the one hand, they’re a sartorial disaster. On the other, they’re a seminar on the sexyface!

SEXY: short, shiny and Cosmo-haired, like Kaci Battaglia.

SEXY: Sparkles, like Devorah Rose’s.

SEXY: corset-sashed, like Kelly Choi.

SEXY: sweet dress, tough accessories, penetrating stare like Tinsley Mortimer’s.

SEXY: framed breasts, a la Tina Parol’s.

SEXY: fur purses, like Hofit Golan’s.

SEXY: leather and lace (and snakeskin!) like Katia Cadet’s.

SE-okay, this is actually just kinda cute.

And now, a few of the evening’s best sexyfaces!

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