Channel Your Inner Uptown Girl (Again) With Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren is getting the French Legion of Honor, presumably for 30+ years of creating WASP mythology. And he’s sticking with what works: this was a classic RL collection, jodhpurs, florals and all!

The amazing thing about this? It could be 1989. It could be 1999. It would still say “rich person in Ralph Lauren.”

Oh, we weren’t kidding about the jodhpurs.

Is it just me, or is this strikingly reminiscent of one of his home textiles? I feel like it was on my friend’s mom’s bed in Connecticut.

Speaking of my childhood! When I was actually extremely old but still too small for adult sizes, my mother loved to dress me in clothes from a place called the April Cornell Trading Company. They all kind of looked like this. I just visited their website, and apparently they, like Ralph, are going with the “if it’s not broke…” approach to fashion design.

Well, his clientele seems happy!

(Some of them)

I know I can’t judge books etc. but I feel like anyone who donned this would automatically become my nemesis.

That said, there’s always a lot to be said for pretty.

Y’know, no need for the hint of fur: we’ll still know you’re posh!

That goes double for this fur purse. Although I’m sure your iPhone needs the warmth.

This jacket, I love. In a theoretical sort of way.

And let’s face it: in a way, posh Topanga Canyon is a classic. I mean, I’d certainly rather see the Real Housewives of Orange County channel a little Joni-via-RL.

[Images via Getty]

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