Charlie Sheen: Denise Richards a 'Heretic Washed Up Piglet Shame Pile'


In honor of Father’s Day, the mild and graceful Charlie Sheen took to Twitter in order to compliment his ex-wife and mother of his children, Brooke Mueller. Then, turning his attention Denise Richards, his other ex-wife and mother to his other children, he let fly lines of misogynist, free-verse vitriol.

Adorable, right?

Then Sheen, ever the shining example of a human, addressed the media in an “open letter,” reporting that “Denise Richards is a shake down piece of shit doosh phace” and the “worst mom alive!” The tweets have since been deleted. You can, however, read the entirety of Sheen’s tirade here and contemplate whether he is MFA and/or MRA material.

Richards filed for divorce from Sheen in 2005. The former couple has two daughters together, but that tie has not tempered their combative relationship.

“I am the truth,” Sheen writes in his open letter. It’s almost Keatsian. And it’s definitely some shit.

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