Chavril is the Most Chavril in Their New Music Video


The official stance of this website with regards to Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s song “Let Me Go” has already been declared. That doesn’t mean, however, that we weren’t open to whatever moving tribute to love they were planning to display in its music video. Well, it’s here now and if “Let Me Go” is to be taken at face value, Avril’s worried that Chad’s music career won’t pan out and he’ll become a gardener. Uh oh. Trouble in paradise.

The story is brief but very complex. There is a distinguished old man. He finds a magic cabinet. The cabinet holds his trusty guitar and a beautiful suit. He puts on the suit (no, there’s no nudity; unfortunately, this whole vid is totally SFW if SFW = your office won’t judge you for watching a Chavril video). He performs a song while sitting in front of a magic Harry Potter-esque Mirror of Erised that reflects a younger version of himself to Avril…which she watches on an iPad? Anyway, old man has no iPad because he is but a lowly groundsman but he is privy to a vision of a young version of Avril playing the piano part of the song. (Avril actually stays young during the whole video, proof that she truly is a witch.)

BUT WAIT. An hourglass is smashed and the spell is broken! The old man IS Chad. He manages to creepily come up behind Avril in a romantic gesture and they sort of hold hands in a sickening way before they pull apart. Then Avril mimes playing a bit of piano on the cushions of her fainting couch.

The video for “Let Us Go” leaves us with three important questions, none of which, I fear, will get answered with any haste.

1. What is time?

2. What is age?

3. What is Chavril?

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