Check Out All These Old, Greek Balls from the Photo Collection Marbles


If you want to see some old, Greek balls close-up, check out the recent photo series Marbles from London-based photographer Ingrid Berthon-Moine. Marbles is pretty self-evident, but, just in case you’re treating these as monochromatic Magic Eyes, the collection features “closely cropped shots of classic Greek sculptures and specific parts of the male anatomy” taken with the intention of “producing an indecipherable photograph oscillating between landscape and medical documentation.”

From Feature Shoot:

The work explores masculinity in the 21st century, both the representation of it and the idea of ornamental masculinity which until now had been largely ‘reserved’ to the female gender. It also looks at how masculinity has shifted over time, and how men have had to redefine their identity as society changes.

So, basically, it’s a high art take on Abby Elliott and Sarah Schneider’s seminal (hehe) music video.

[Feature Shoot]

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