Cher's Wonderful 'SOS' Video Stars Trace Lysette, Destiny Anderson, and Lauren Weedman


Cher is in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again for all of 10 minutes, but her forthcoming album of ABBA covers may prove to be more culturally significant than the film that inspired it.

The new music video for its latest single, “SOS,” is a surprisingly gorgeous magic-hour homage to both the 1975 video for the original and the group’s general aesthetic. The Jake Wilson-directed clip features close-ups of emotionless heads doing quarter turns, theatrical blocking, dramatic zooms, and slow pans galore—everything you expect from a vintage ABBA video—all while managing to exude an acutely 2018 aesthetic. And if being such a thoughtfully crafted visual tribute weren’t enough, it’s also wonderfully cast.

The video stars Destiny Anderson, Lyuana Augmon, Betty Who, Aimee Carrero, Sas Goldberg, Sabrina Jalees, Vivien James, Trace Lysette, Wolfie McCann Jalees, Shirley Grajeda Pennington, Bree Sparks, Lauren Weedman, and Rumer Willis.

I love it! Haha, how is this so good?!

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