Child Beauty Pageants Are All About The Mothers


On last night’s Little Miss Perfect, pageant mom Debbie didn’t even try to pretend that the competition was about her daughter’s talents. That kind of honesty was kind of refreshing, and kinda gross.

Debbie and Emily Tye , from last night’s episode, were one of the families featured on the short-lived, much-loved (by me, anyway) Showbiz Moms & Dads on Bravo about five years ago. Debbie was known for being combative with other pageant moms and giving pixie sticks to her four-year-old daughter to keep her energy up at pageants. Yeah, she was kinda horrible.

Also, do you recognize this little girl?

She’s Destiny (sister of Daylee), who was featured on the other child beauty pageant show Toddlers & Tiaras earlier this week.

And look! It’s Karmen, the girl who is “smiling on the inside.”

The crossover on these shows freaking me out and delighting me all at the same time.

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