Child's Drawing of Buzz Lightyear Will Ruin Disney for You [NSFL]


Kids draw the darndest things. Sometimes it’s as innocent as a toucan that looks like a raging hard-on and sometimes it’s a drawing of a beloved childhood icon admitting that he’s into some interesting sexual acts via some bad spelling.

This photo of Buzz Lightyear was posted to imgur earlier today and while it is hard to ascertain its veracity — could someone who is qualified to do the stuff they do on CSI tell me if a kid actually drew this — I totally believe that a small child excited to bring their favorite character to life just didn’t have the patience to ask an adult for help with the spelling. Or maybe he or she was just so confident in their spelling abilities (like I was when I lost the class spelling bee for not being able to spell receive —I before E except after C, Mark! Come on!) that asking anyone for help wasn’t even a thought in their beautiful little mind. Perhaps if it had been, they wouldn’t have outed Buzz’s strange sexual proclivities with such abandon. Some people like to keep their lives private, kid. It’s none of your business what Buzz and Ham are doing when Andy’s not looking.

I feel an American Pie crossover coming on. Is Mena Suvari working? (No.)

h/t: Uproxx

Image via imgur

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