Chipotle Classes Up the Joint With Literary Readings on Its Cups


If you decide to give the people what they want, you will find that what they want is to read some quality writing while digging into a Chipotle burrito bowl or taco or whatever they usually order at said beloved chain restaurant.

Chipotle has released newly designed bags and cups that feature writing from a bevy of authors: Jonathan Safran Foer, Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell, George Saunders, Judd Apatow, Sheri Fink, Bill Hader, Steve Pinker, George Saunders, Sarah Silverman and Michael Lewis.

The idea for the project was Safran Foer’s, who told Vanity Fair that he had ordered a burrito at Chipotle when he realized he didn’t have anything to do while he was digesting. Here is an actual quote from him about that experience:

“I really just wanted to die with frustration”


Safran Foer (the “curator” of the project) then emailed the CEO of Chipotle and suggested that they start putting reading material on their cups and bags. Chipotle dug it, and has dubbed the series “Cultivating Thought.” The essays (which are “themed as ‘two-minute’ readings) can be read online. Cool, but those burritos are so big that if I wanted something to entertain me while I was eating one I’d need something to take up at least 15 minutes of my time, and that I could then return to when I woke up in the middle of the night with hunger pains.

Image via Chipotle.

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