Chris Christie Finally Met Snooki And It Was Pretty Dark, Unpleasant

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Chris Christie, who has gone on record multiple times as a World Class H8er of the Maysles brothers-directed cinéma vérité series Jersey Shore, met the cast of Jersey Shore when both Christie’s team and Snooki’s team were filming segments for the Today Show in Seaside Heights. And it wasn’t even entertaining in a car-crash way.

“I just wanted to meet you and just hope you start to like us,” said Snooki, ice-grilling the governor.
“Well, we’ll do our best,” Christie responded in a moment captured on video by the Asbury Park Press.
The loud-mouthed diva also asked the girthy gov, “Why are you standing so close to me?”
Castmate Deena Cortese at one point tried to defuse the tension by telling Christie she’s a Jersey girl. But he snapped, “I know you are, I was talking about her.”
An exasperated Snooki, 25, then turned to the camera and said “He just doesn’t like us.”

I told you. Cue mirthless laugh from God. [NYDN; lede image via Instagram]

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