Chris Meloni Beautifies, Bores Late Night With Conan O'Brien


Law & Order SVU‘s Christopher Meloni was on Conan last night discussing the ubiquity of his show in an incredibly dull, seemingly pointless interview that we just had to post.

Why? Well two reasons. One, it is sort of amazing that someone so mesmerizing onscreen can be so boring in real life, but there you have it. (Even Conan seemed a little underwhelmed, claiming that his cue cards simply read “kill time.”) Two: Boring or not, Meloni does not appear on this blog nearly as often as he should, and after Megan’s post from earlier this afternoon, we all need some eye candy.

In this clip, Meloni shouts out something indecipherable (which we swear we heard as “Obama’s penis,”) before going on to discuss his many female fans, claiming that while he is frequently recognized by men, they always say “my wife loves you, man.” (Emphasis ours.) According to Meloni, guys do not watch Law & Order, or at least they refuse to admit it. This is his only amusing line.

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