Chris O'Dowd Hangs Out with Topless Women on Trampolines for Men's Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! has teamed up with the MCAC to promote awareness of male breast cancer with a new series of PSAs featuring Bridesmaids Chris O’Dowd as the “man with the best job in the world” — a health and safety officer for the fictional Topless Female Trampolining World Championships. No, you haven’t accidentally taken the DeLorean back to a 1999 Man Show taping — this is happening in the here and now.

How this promotes awareness of male breast cancer isn’t entirely clear, but the gist is this: BOOBS. BOOBS. BOOBS. Chris O’Dowd. BOOOOOOOBS. More real information can be found at their website — called (groan) the Bouncies — but O’Dowd offers this: “TIT. Have you tried turning them off and on again?”

Women Trampoline Topless For Male Breast Cancer Cause [AdRants]

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