Chris Pine's Outlaw King Dick Shot Has Him Thinking About Double Standards


Critics may have you believe Chris Pine’s latest movie Outlaw King is about some angry white men in Scotland, but based on the press so far, it’s really about his dick and the fact that audiences will get a full-frontal glimpse of it in one glorious, too-short scene. As Vulture described it, “Our hero strips off his tunic and — surprise! — exposes his royal todger to the world. We only see it in a long shot, and the moment ends before anyone watching can finish saying ‘Whoa’…”

Whoa, indeed. But how has all the attention on his member made Pine feel? It’s complicated. All of this hoopla around his dick has left the hottest Chris in Hollywood wondering about double standards.

Pine explained (via ET Online):

“I bear the ‘full monty’ and it got a lot of attention,” Pine notes on [Graham Norton’s show]. “I thought the witty reviews were brilliant, but what did strike me most is that Florence Pugh bares everything too and no one commented.”

He goes on:

“I am not sure what that means,” he says. “Either people think they can’t comment or everyone expects women to get naked. Either way, it’s double standards.”

This wasn’t his first time contemplating the differing experiences of women in Hollywood. Pine once told ET Online this about his screen time in Wonder Woman:

“It was fun to be objectified for a day,” he said. “I was thinking this happens to women so, so much, it’s about time. While that was fun, I think it’s the most compassionate I’ve felt toward women on what they may feel being sidelined or made to feel less important.”

An ally in these times. Keep it up, Chris.

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