​Christina Aguilera Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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Welcome to the world, baby number two!

Yesterday, Xtina and fiancé Matt Rutler arrived at Cedars Sinai in LA at 8 am to check in to a “private deluxe birthing suite.” She gave birth to the baby girl, her second child and first with Rutler, by C-section. Congrats to the family. [US Magazine/Oh No They Didn’t]

Lindsay Lohan opened up to Daily Mail Online about her leaked sex list. She discussed being at the Betty Ford treatment center and attending AA at the time and feeling betrayed by acquaintances that she will not name:

‘That’s one of the hardest steps, that’s something that is uncomfortable to have to say to anyone, let alone for it to be posted everywhere, so it’s not a joke, it wasn’t funny, it was cruel, it’s bad karma for whoever did it. It was sh***y.’

And in response to James Franco’s odd public denial in (short story form) to his name being on that list:

‘I don’t think about it. When people say things about other people I don’t think it’s necessary, I’ve never talked about anyone else and I never will.’
‘When I started working we didn’t have Twitter, we didn’t have any of this s***, it’s a different world now. We didn’t have instagram, we didn’t have camera phones for god sake, it’s really different now, she shared.
‘If someone wants to do that for their own reasons there’s nothing to say, I’m not in their head. I would never do that. I didn’t read it.’

I didn’t read Franco’s thing either, but only because it was absolutely insufferable and I couldn’t make it past the first couple lines. [Daily Mail]

  • Who wore the pepperoni pizza onesie better? Katy Perry or Cara Delevingne? TELL ME NOW, I MUST KNOW! [People]
  • People on Twitter got pissed at Justin Timberlake for calling Madonna his “mother chucking ninja” in a birthday tweet. So he deleted it. [Oh No They Didn’t]
  • Laura Prepon is planning a memoir. Ready your disappointment for when she barely addresses her Scientology beliefs. [Contact Music]
  • Ryan Cabrera, whose claim to fame is having once dated Ashlee Simpson, got a tattoo of Ryan Gosling which he described as “The Bentley of all tattoos.” But it’s probably more like the Pontiac Aztec of tattoos. [US Magazine]
  • Sources say Miley Cyrus really wants to play Dolly Parton in the upcoming Dolly Parton biopic, but Dolly’s was all “Ummm maybe Miley, but what about Scarlett Johansson?” and Miley was like, “EW NEEEW! NOT SCARLETT! CHOOSE MEEEE.” This is definitely exactly how it went down, word-for-word, according to The Source. [Contact Music]
  • Katy Perry got her nose pierced and posted the procedure to Instagram. [Contact Music]
  • Here are some picture of Lea Michele writing her second book. Well, there’s a picture of her in a denim jacket and one of her typing on a phone, but you get the point. [Just Jared]
  • Whoops, it’s shirtless Stephen Amell doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. How did that get in here? [Just Jared]
  • French Montana wants to “capitalize” on the attention he’s getting from dating Khloe Kardashian. I mean, at least he’s honest? [Oh No They Didn’t]
  • Keira Knightley: “When James proposed I just thought, ‘Well, I’ve never done that before.’ It seemed like a fun thing to do.” [Contact Music]
  • Here’s world renowned stoner Rihanna wearing a T-Shirt with pop sensation Rihanna on it. [Daily Mail]

It’s Sunday. It’s a new week. Let’s do this.

Lead image via Instagram, additional image via Getty.

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