Christine O'Donnell Reportedly Under Investigation


God, this is so unfair. First Christine O’Donnell‘s American dream of being a Senator with zero qualifications was rebuffed by voters, and now the Feds are on her trail. Can we blame the liberals? We can.

Rumors that O’Donnell has survived for years on perennial campaign funds were rife from the start, and now, the AP says that she’s being investigated for that very reason — misusing campaign funds for personal reasons for her 2008 campaign for Biden’s seat. According to the AP’s anonymous source, “The criminal probe is being conducted by two federal prosecutors and two FBI agents,” and “the matter has not yet been referred to a grand jury.”

Federal officials declined to comment, but Christine O’Donnell’s spokesperson told ABC News, “The anonymous source seems politically-motivated and may well be tied to the ultra-liberal, George Soros-financed, former Sen. Biden staffer-run CREW [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington] complaint.” Oh, that clears it up! We knew it was a liberal conspiracy.

AP: Feds Investigating Christine O’Donnell [ABC News]

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