Christine O'Donnell's Anti-Masturbation "Ministry Opportunity"


Having handed the election, and a Senate seat, to the Democrats, Christine O’Donnell is back doing what she does best: entertaining. Last night, she talked masturbation and the witch ad with Jay Leno.

First, Leno thanked her for all the material. The two discussed how her parents are Democrats, and how she used to be a liberal. “What happened? Did you get rich or something?” Leno asked. She also tried to push the Giuliani line from the election that “Governor Palin has more executive experience than President Obama.” That line has really held up two years later!

Here, O’Donnell talks about the infamous witch ad. She claims the purpose of the ad was to talk about “the largest tax increase in history” and “the death tax that’s coming in November.” While we sort of know what she’s talking about with the latter, the former seems to be an amalgam of her imagination and the ever-fainter prospect that the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans will be allowed to expire.

And here’s Leno asking her about masturbation, in which she gives her boilerplate answer that in the 90s, she was excited about her faith and saw it as a “ministry” opportunity. She doesn’t say what she believes now. Although now that there’s no shadow of a doubt that it could have implications beyond her own life (and the remote chance she’ll have an influence through television commentaries), it no longer matters.

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