Christy Mack Posts Recovery Photos, Is Called a Dick-Sucking Whore

Christy Mack, who was brutally beaten by former boyfriend War Machine when he found “his property” with another man, is in the process of recovering from her ordeal. Recently, she posted some photos showing her physical progress, and a group of people on the MMA Underground internet forums celebrated the occasion by calling her a whore.

Since the beginning, the response to Mack’s assault has been rife with disgusting talk. To a subset of men (and some women too) writing from behind the protection of their computers, Mack, who has starred in pornographic films, deserved everything that she got. The type of violent beating she suffered doesn’t happen to good women, they said. Act like a whore, be treated like one. The underlying message was that a woman open enough about her sexuality to star in adult films deserves to be treated a certain way: badly.

Things are no different now that Mack is on the mend. Her recovery process is serious: she’s had extensive facial reconstruction, including dental and nose surgery. When she posted the photos, she wrote that she was happy to be able to breathe. She can breathe! Awesome. And that’s what the response should have been like. According to Cage Potato, however, some members of the MMA Underground forums, had a different opinion on Mack’s recovery.

Cage Potato has catalogued a list of jokes made by UG members on a now-removed thread about Mack’s recovery. On one hand, you’ve got what Cage Potato calls a funny (if dark) joke–”happy to see her smile, it would have sucked dick not see her suck dick again”—but on the other, you’ve got dudes who are just there to say some mean shit about a woman who’s done porn. Warning: these jokes aren’t funny.

Some winners:

“Missing teeth was actually an advantage in her field of work.”
“Honestly, her face is almost unrecognizable. Must be because there isn’t a 12 inch cock in her mouth.”
“She should certainly work on her TDD, if not, I fear she will be grounded and pounded in oblivion and possibly rear naked poked in the process.”
“I’m sure WM wasn’t the first guy to kick her ass, just the best at it.”

Cage Potato does note that at least one member points out that these remarks aren’t cool at all. But how do you reason with people who stand by the beating and sexual assault of a woman just because she’s done porn? And how does a person even make it this long holding such hideous opinions? If this alleged letter from War Machine talking about how Mack deserved it and would have been “shot to death in Texas” doesn’t turn you off the guy, I guess nothing will.

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