Clear Your Calendars, Because That Noah's Ark Theme Park Opens in July 


Praise the lord: The Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky is scheduled to open in July of next year. Take a moment to go ahead and cancel any conflicting beach vacations and road trips, because obviously you’ll need to be there.

Reuters (via Boing Boing) reports that Ark Encounter—built by the rather too obviously-named ministry Answers in Genesis—will fling open its doors on July 7. “It’ll certainly be one of the biggest Christian attractions in the world,” said CEO Kevin Ham, who anticipates 1.4 million visitors annually.

Initially, Ark Encounter was supposed to receive millions in tax state incentives, but that didn’t work out after “developers said they would only hire workers who shared their fundamentalist Christian beliefs.” Oops! And so died that stunt piece idea.

Here you can see them installing the animal cages, but don’t get so distracted you forget to book your hotel accommodations.

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