Coke Dealer Fathers Supermodel's Baby; H&M Launching "Sustainable" Line

  • Jourdan Dunn‘s boyfriend of four years — and the father of her 7-week-old son — was just sentenced to three years in prison for dealing cocaine. Weirdly, his name is Jordan. [The Sun]
  • On March 25, H&M is launching the Garden Collection, the first line the company claims is entirely sustainable. Let’s hope the cotton is actually organic, this time. [WWD]
  • Zoolander 2: It’s coming. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Around 150 people attended Alexander McQueen‘s funeral, including François Pinault, who owns the McQueen brand. [WWD]
  • Naomi Campbell now has something in common with Cindy McCain: the supermodel posed for the No H8 campaign. [SB]
  • “I think PETA is very positive and has accentuated my image.” Pamela Anderson‘s priorities apparently include Pamela Anderson. [Blackbook]
  • It’s confirmed: Lily Allen really is quitting music to run a vintage store. And it really will be called Lucy in Disguise. Allen’s last gig is on March 7, and the store — which she’ll co-manage with her sister, Sarah Owen — will pop up at a summer music festival in England, before getting a permanent home in London. []
  • Are you a fashion blogger? Do you wear something other than a sample size? Vogue Curvy, one of the new Vogue Italia online portals we mentioned yesterday, is hiring writers. [BI]
  • Topshop is getting into the beauty business. The fast-fashion retailer’s first cosmetics offerings hit stores in May. [WWD]
  • “This is not a look for less. It’s its own invention, and it’s still part of me,” said Zac Posen at the launch of Z Spoke, his lower-priced ($60-$600) line. As reported in the New York Times, Z Spoke is not the diffusion line the designer initially intended to launch — he had a design team in place working on a different lower-priced line, including members he’d lured away from competing companies, but last year, Posen fired them all. (None was re-hired to work on Z Spoke.) Z Spoke was announced in November, and hits Saks stores March 1. []
  • Z Spoke‘s spring line goes up to a size 14 — that’s one size beyond the limits of Posen’s main line — and for fall, it’ll range up to a size 16. [The Cut]
  • “The girls are arriving; they are inaccessibly tall, tenderly silent, and giant aliens of beauty. I choose the women who will bring the right vibe to the new collection. This is not a simple task. My work’s philosophy does not simply lie on designing shoes as objects, but to create them to fit the woman, enhance their grace and reveal their natural beauty.” From Sergio Rossi‘s fashion week diary; we’re pretty jealous of how the man eats. [W]
  • Marc Jacobs‘ husband-not-officially-but-kinda, Lorenzo Martone, sat front-row at a ton of fashion shows. (We saw his adorable self at Yigal.) He took some photos, mostly of models, and has captioned them obliquely (“Kill for heel ? Or heeling is killing @ Elise Overland?”), if you have the patience for such stuff. [Refinery29]
  • Wow. Someone who writes for Vanity Fair really doesn’t like Olivier Zahm. [VF]
  • Erin Wasson, on becoming a model/designer: “Look at Stevie Nicks. Did she have the most amazing voice in the world? Fuck no — but she got on stage and she owned every molecule inside of herself and completely captured every molecule around everybody else in the entire room. She was this poster child for, ‘I don’t give a fuck, it’s about my soul and my spirit and my music, and you either dig it or you don’t.’ And that’s kind of my take on all this — minus the vulgar words.” Stevie Nicks, it’s worth pointing out, never re-cast, and passed off as her own, copies of someone else’s record, but hey. [Paper]
  • Benetton is searching for new faces all over the world, in an online competition that runs till March 16. And it turns out, the world is pretty beautiful. The public can vote, so do! [CNN]
  • Martin Margiela: Headed to art school? [Fashionologie]
  • Italian company Mariella Burani, owner of the brands Coccinelle and Mandarina Duck, is shuttering its operations because it could not restructure its debts. [WSJ]
  • “I’ve been working on this for five years. I’m finally going to see what I designed, and it’s a bit nerve-racking to think that what I liked five years ago might look old now.” — Giorgio Armani, on his hotel in the Burj Dubai tower. [WWD]
  • Chanel is auctioning off rare vintage pieces — and a bag of old buttons (estimate: $27) — in Paris. [CBS]
  • Isabel Marant is now on Net-A-Porter, though apparently in no greater quantities than the exclusive label is maddeningly famous for — one dress is already sold out, and it’s been less than 24 hours. [Racked]
  • Nike is still standing by Tiger Woods, and would not like to see him return to gold “before he’s ready,” said a spokesman. [CBS]
  • Crocs lost $11.4 million during the fourth quarter — which means the company has succeeded at last in losing money at a less atrocious rate, but profitability remains a distant dream. “Crocs stock is looking just as ugly as its shoes” just about sums it up. [TS]
  • Roberto Cavalli‘s sales, if anything, were even worse. The company’s sales fell 22% during 2009, although the C.E.O. says Cavalli remains profitable. [WWD]
  • Profits at Gap Inc. rose 45% during the fourth quarter, in part because the retailer did less discounting. (We noticed this because we tried to buy a pair of sweatpants at Gap’s holiday sale, and they were still $30. Forever 21 had a pair on sale for $8. They’re so very comfy.) [NYTimes]
  • Limited Brands‘ same-store sales fell 4% overall last year, but rose 1% in the last quarter. Victoria’s Secret was the worst-affected brand: same-store sales there fell 6% for the year. [DailyFinance]
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