Comedian Chris Hardwick Mocks TV Censorship with Pregnant Cat Lady Card


While making fun of an incredibly weird greeting card that features an illustrated cross-section of a woman pregnant with a cat, comedian and Nerdist folk hero Chris Hardwick had a great moment of gleeful censorship subversion on his Comedy Central series @midnight. Hardwick pointed out that the greeting card’s illustrated lady-nipples had been blurred to satisfy the censors, who were apparently so unconcerned with the various and horrifying implications of the phrase “cat people” that they were cool with showing the in-utero feline in all its whiskered glory.

Hardwick then wittily (if obviously) juxtaposed two versions of the word “pussy” to prove a point about the absurd lengths to which the FCC will go to make sure TV audiences continue to believe that human anatomy is gross and offensive but that the miserable pre-game song the NFL created for Thursday Night Football is a totally acceptable thing to broadcast.

h/t: PolicyMic

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