Community Has Really, Truly Been Cancelled


NBC has officially ended their on-again, off-again relationship with Community, a show with a cult and a tumultuous history, after five seasons.

Though cast member Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted that it was “MIRACULOUS” a “bubble show” could stay on the air for such a long time, fans are still saddened by the abrupt ending to the series. (At least I read that it was abrupt. I stopped watching a few seasons back. Sorry Dan Harmon. )

As it is every year around this time, the last few days have been rough, as new show pick-ups and old show rejects have slowly rolled out. Shows with Strong Female Leads that have been cancelled include Trophy Wife, Suburgatory and The Carrie Diaries. On a more positive note: say goodbye to Mixology and Dads by by calling a woman a whore and/or making a racist joke.

At least these little heartbreaks remind us of a couple of life’s consistencies: There’s no accounting for the decisions of network executives and there’s no such thing as true television justice.

Image via NBC

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