Congrats, Dad

Congrats, Dad
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Did William H. Macy know he would be photographed on his way to buy giant graduation balloons and a cake? Is this just fodder for the narrative he and his wife Felicity Huffman are spinning: a couple trying to carry on and celebrate the humble milestones of life, admidst a time of family troubles and legal uncertainty? Either way, it makes for a harrowing image I won’t soon forget, as Macy’s face bears the look of a man who has truly seen some shit.

According to E! Online, Macy stopped by a local Los Angeles grocery store on Wednesday afternoon and picked up two large, glitzy balloons that read “Congrats, Grad!” and “You Did It!” on different sides. They are most likely for his daughter Sofia Grace’s high school graduation, and not a tongue-in-cheek or self-flagellating prop in the sad play of his life, which now involves his wife Felicity Huffman pleading guilty to participating in a nation-wide college bribery scam that may land her in jail. (Macy has not faced any charges related to the admissions scam.)


The balloons are meant to be joyous—and yet, they cannot help but form a sad cloud over Macy’s head, not unlike his conscience, you might say, as he walks back to his car, his gaze lowered and his brow heavy and furrowed. He’s got something on his mind—but what exactly that is, we simply do not know.

Macy wears what looks like a plain white T-shirt (but could be anything, really) beneath a dark-wash denim jacket and pairs this combo with light-wash denim pants. His head of strawberry blond hair catches rays of sunlight in its waves. His mustache is well-kept and takes the shape of a frown. This is a man with a past, trying to keep on moving on. His car’s rearview mirror shows nothing but a lush green background, but what lies in that foliage?

It really just looks like Macy could use a hug. He faces an uncertain future, although for now, he’s ready for a graduation party, if that’s what he and his family decide they want. Congratulations to the grad, and to the dad, who is doing his best.

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