Congratulations, Taylor Swift, on Your First Black Friends 


The artist formerly known as country singer Taylor Swift had a great weekend. On Friday she was on the receiving end of a happy birthday serenade from shade queen Aretha Franklin. She finally turned 25 years old on Saturday and that evening, the dopest couple on Earth looked at their calendars, realized they didn’t have anything else going on and decided to stop by her birthday party.

Yes, on Saturday night, Jay Z and Beyoncé attended Taylor Swift’s 25th emoji-masked ball birthday celebration along with their very good white friend, Justin Timberlake. (Although, Justin definitely either perms or relaxes his hair, so he’s really not even all the way in the white guy category but, I digress.)

Now, I’m not saying that Taylor Swift read my offer to help her find some black friends and took it to heart, I’m just saying that there’s absolutely no proof that she didn’t. So I will happily accept praise for being influential in facilitating this Instagram camaraderie.

In the spirit of fairness, I can absolutely give credit where credit is due. Not only did Taylor Swift finally upgrade her social circle, she was able to befriend literally the two best black friends possible. You gotta admit, the girl aims high.

The next day, Taylor and Beyoncé both attended Justin Timberlake’s concert at the Barclay’s Center and moved their bodies to the music at the same time. Many media outlets are dubiously reporting that the two “danced together,” but they really just danced near each other. (And really, Beyoncé danced while Taylor jumped up and down.) Still, here’s hoping some of that rhythm rubbed off on Taylor.

Admittedly, I don’t have a huge amount of faith in the longevity of this relationship. One, because, well, a lot of famous people appear on Taylor Swift’s Instagram and two, Beyoncé has shit to do and totally didn’t even reciprocate Taylor’s Instagram love, like wtf? Instead, Bey opted to take a Fashion Picture in front of her Christmas tree that, judging from the “7/11” music video, has been up in her house since the middle of November.

Regardless, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Jay Z did all hang out and I’m glad that Taylor Swift has finally discovered, however briefly, that joyous thrill of being friends with people who don’t look exactly like you.

Image via Taylor Swift’s Instagram; Dancing clip h/t via Vulture

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