Cosby Makes Rape Joke: You Have to be Careful Drinking Around Me


During his show in Canada on Thursday night, Bill Cosby reportedly told a woman in the crowd to “be careful about drinking around me.”

According to tweets from Richard Warnica, Cosby’s performance at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario took a pretty fucked up turn when a woman got up to get a drink and Cosby made his bizarre, gross comments. Warnica has been tweeting the show live this evening:

Then suddenly, this happened:

People. Applauded.

Warnica offered some context to what happened before what Cosby said:

Then a man in the audience took the opportunity to jump up and yell at Cosby:

A standing ovation for Cosby erupts, because of course.

Now some journalists and others are reporting that they are being kicked out of the Bud Gardens arena for live tweeting about the show and filming the ejection of the heckler:

Meanwhile, protests continue outside the venue.

A man who allegedly raped more than 20 women getting a standing ovation for joking about rape. This is what rape culture is.

Image via Splash

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