Cosmo EIC Hopes Men Learn To Pleasure Women, Somehow


Cosmo, says its editor in chief Kate White, is not “all about guy-pleasing.” Except when it is. Huh?

Here’s what White says in a Mediabistro video interview, after being asked about misconceptions of the brand and how it’s evolved.

“I think there are some people who think that it’s still that retro magazine from the 70s, all about guy-pleasing. And it really is not that way at all. Certainly a big part of Cosmo — we’re the relationship bible, and a big part is helping women navigate relationships and understand what makes men tick because they’re so baffling! But we approach relationships with the idea of — we’re teaching women and showing them how to please guys, but we’re expecting that they’re getting that back from the guys — that somewhere the guys are learning that information, maybe from their friends, or from websites, or other magazines.”

It’s kind of incoherent, and maybe White misspoke. But what she seems to be saying is that it’s okay for her magazine to focus on the pleasuring of these mysterious male creatures, because somewhere out there, there’s a friend or a web site or another magazine that is telling dudes that they should be tying a scrunchie around your clitoris. Or something. As for pleasing yourself, well, ladies, you’re on your own.

Kate White On Why Cosmopolitan Doesn’t Need A Reality Show [Mediabistro]

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