Couple Splits Over Extreme PMS


UK woman Marie Seward suffered from 10-12 days of extreme PMS every month, but didn’t realize her symptoms weren’t normal until her husband of 17 years walked out on her.

“It is like living an out of body experience,” said Seward, 38, “You just cry and cry, and nothing anyone can do will help. You feel ugly and fat and unattractive … This hormone just takes over your life.” Seward says she experienced irrational behavior, irrational thinking, and mood swings, but couldn’t remember anything she’d said or done to her husband John, who eventually decided he had to leave. The separation caused Marie to get her PMS symptoms checked and her doctor prescribed anti-depressants. Six months later, the couple is now back together and planning to renew their vows. “I think a lot of professionals remain unaware of the impact that this condition can have on relationships – and I think that is one of the reasons it is not taken as seriously as it might be,” said Nick Panay, chairman of the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome. [BBC]

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