'Couples Therapy' Cast Calls Bullshit on Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape'


Luckily for the us, Farrah Abraham didn’t realize that a show involving group therapy would eventually expose her half-cocked scheme regarding her “leaked sex tape.”

It’s not like her fellow cast members, married couple Sada Bettencourt and Whitney Mixter, are master detectives or anything. After all, James Deen, Farrah’s costar in her porno Backdoor Teen Mom, was the first to reveal that it was a staged production for which he was hired. (He’s even on record saying that he never dated her, and that they only met a few days before shooting.)

But it must’ve been frustrating, or just annoying, for Sada and Whitney to have to sit there and listen to Farrah just blatantly lie to their faces about how James Deen was her ex-boyfriend who betrayed her by leaking her sex tape. It’s insulting when someone thinks that you’re stupid enough to believe their poorly-crafted bullshit. The couple took it upon themselves to watch her porno, and came to the conclusion that it is indeed a porno. They are going to confront her on her lie on next week’s episode.

As for Farrah, she was not happy about what transpired on last night’s episode.

Hopefully she figures out “their” and “they’re” before the release of her erotic sex novel and Christian parenting book.

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