Craigslist Ad Offers You $175 to Bathe in Ramen Noodles


Looking to switch up careers? RUNDON’TWALK on over to Craigslist, because — hoooo, boy — do they have the listing for you! A Brooklyn man is offering $175 to the right female candidate and all she has to do is soak in a bathtub of ramen noodles for a half hour. You really can have it all!


Complex uncovered the posting and here it is full:

I will pay you $175 to sit in my bath tub full of ramen noodles wearing a bathing suit

I will not be home, nor will anyone else while you do this.

I will give you the keys while we meet, and you will go to my apartment thereafter.

It will require a 30 minute soak.

The noodles will be cooked and therefore slippery.

Do not bring any sauce. I will season the sauce after I get home prior to dinner.

Uhhhhh, sorry. My ramen baths always require sauce so NO. DEAL.

In all seriousness, though: If this didn’t present so many safety risk, it would not be that bad of a gig. May this gentleman get his soup and the ladies go unmurdered!

Image via Shutterstock.

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