Crowdsourcing: Is It Okay To Send You A Cellphone Picture Of My Cock?


Most of my “job” over at Deadspin for the last year has been covering the alarming amount of athletes who send pictures of their shlongs to female acquaintances. These pseudo-relationships usually end and then the girl posts them online.

It’s quite astounding how many famous dudes actually do this, given how easy it is for their dangling dicks to pop on sites like ours two minutes after they hit send. But, outside of the stray sports groupies who tend to ask for this thing, does this happen to you often? And is it welcome? Does it make you hot? Gasp? Giggle?

I have few stray pictures of my dick laying around my inbox wearing an Arab Strap (for research!) and I’ve sent it to a few people who’ve had some bad days at work. You know, just to cheer them up.

So, questions:

1. Have you ever received an unwelcome dick shot?

2. How did it make you feel?

3. Please send them if you have any laying around.

*”Meat-Peeping”® courtesy of Bomani Jones.

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