Cynthia Nixon Thoughtfully Endorses Legal Marijuana, Fails to Rip a Bong in Video


Former Miranda, current “Miranda,” and hopeful New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon released a video Wednesday morning calling for the legalization of marijuana in her home state. If you expect her to say, “Legalize it, nerds,” before taking a giant bong rip and shotgunning it into Christine Marinoni’s mouth, you will be disappointed. If, however, you expect a intelligent, measured, and satisfyingly woke indictment of marijuana laws and how they disproportionately affect people of color, you’ve come to the right place.

“I believe it’s time for New York to follow the lead of eight other states and DC and legalize recreational marijuana,” Nixon says, getting right to the point. She proceeds to call the war on drugs “racist,” and explains that “regulating and taxing marijuana would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.” But it’s here that she really makes her point:

“We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something white people do with impunity. 80% of the New Yorkers who are arrested for marijuana are black and Latino, despite the fact that white people use marijuana at roughly the same rates.”

“The truth is for white people, the use of marijuana has effectively been legal for a long time,” Nixon says at the end of the video. “Isn’t it time we legalize it for everybody else?” This is the sort of thing I cannot even imagine Andrew Cuomo thinking, let alone saying aloud in a video. And it’s precisely the reason he should be considerably more worried than he reportedly is.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of Wendy Williams calling Cynthia Nixon “Governor” repeatedly:

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