David Foster Might Have Done Crimes If His Daughter Had Wanted to Go to College

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Erin Foster, the daughter of Canadian producer and musician David Foster, posted a screenshot on Instagram of a text her father sent her, where he gives his two cents on the college admissions scandal enveloping Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, dozens of other rich parents, and their apparently mediocre children. David wrote—and for some reason, I imagine him sitting back and chuckling to himself as he composed the text—“Thank god you didn’t want to go to college-I’d Be in jail right now!!” Lollll, DAD.

Erin captioned the screenshot: “Thanks for the confidence, Dad.” But honestly, the best thing about this text is that was seemingly unsolicited. According to the screenshot, it wasn’t as if Erin and David had been texting about what will happen to Olivia Jade and what the college admissions scandal reveals about the United States and then he decided to crack a joke about a) his willingness to do crimes to get his daughter into college, b) his daughter’s poor grades, or c) both? He just went for it.

Just goes to show you that no matter how famous they get, dads are still going to dad.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are either on the rocks—or perfectly fine with being on the rocks and not especially inclined to fix it. TMZ reports that the couple has barely spoken and thus, not had the time to properly heal since reports of Scott’s alleged cheating broke—which you’ll remember happened just as Khloe Kardashian was dealing with her own no-good baby daddy Tristan Thompson. That seems not good; “We’re told Kylie has some serious trust issues with Travis,” TMZ reports.

But it also doesn’t seem like enough to break them up? The reason they haven’t seen each other is because they’ve both been working, and because Jenner has been taking care of their daughter, Stormi:

Not only has Travis’ insane travel schedule got in the way of a serious sit-down for the couple, Kylie’s also in the middle of preparing for product launches for her cosmetics line … and most of her attention is focused on that and her daughter.

So what I’m hearing is these two 20-something-year-olds have not figured out their co-parenting style yet, and can’t even pick up the phone (?) to apologize to each other and discuss the future of their relationship. Oh right, but they call each other hubby and wifey on Instagram, so it’s all good. Yeah, maybe these two should work some shit out before getting married.


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