David Harbour Likes Girlfriend Lily Allen's Butt

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David Harbour Likes Girlfriend Lily Allen's Butt
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David Harbour and Lily Allen are dating, a revelation that shocked my whole Twitter timeline so hard I thought the website would crash. I think their love is nice, though, or at least interesting. Also interesting: Harbour is a big fan of Allen’s butt, in addition to, I can only presume, her wit and intelligence and overall inner personhood.

Page Six dug up Harbour’s butt comments in an interview he did with People for their “Sexiest Man Alive” issue—you know, the one with Chrissy Teigen’s husband on the cover—noting that he only has eyes for Allen “[u]ntil she’s turned away from me and I stare at her stunningly beautiful butt.”


While we’re objectifiying, he also likes her mouth:

Anyway, as always, love is love, lust is lust, lust and love are great, everyone’s great, butts are great, not-butts are also great, Alright, Still is REALLY great, manbuns are NOT great, but I digress. May their love spring eternal. [Page Six]

Speaking of Chrissy Teigen’s husband, and also objectifying, Wendy Williams does NOT think John Legend is the IRL sexiest man alive. “Alright John Legend, but not the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’!” she said on her show on Wednesday. It seems she, like my colleague Maria Sherman, thinks he’s a tad too youthful to warrant real fuck fantasies. “Like, he’s cute,” she said.

I think ‘People’ magazine needs to take away this ‘sexist people alive’ thing because there’s not one person about everything. When I think about a sexy man, I’m not thinking about John Legend, only because the first thing I think of is, I weigh so much more than him. If we were walking down the street and someone wanted to spray me with a water gun, I need a man who’s going to punch someone in the face… Like that. John is not that guy!

Indeed, Williams prefers her men a little larger, more bearded, and a bit more aquatic:

You know who I like, and he’s not even the sexiest man alive — and I usually don’t like facial hair, but, in new my life, I’m meeting a lot of new men and if I could think of one person it’d be Jason Momoa.

I respect this. [HollywoodLife]

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