Dear John: Letters to Juliet Premiere Was All Wet


Letters to Juliet looks, potentially, Leap Year-awful. Like, made-to-be-rerun-on-Lifetime-on-a-Sunday-after-Because-I-Said-So– awful. Even so, who knew the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere, at the School of Visual Arts Theater, would be so… odd?

Amanda Seyfried, per usual, looked lovely. It’s hard to be this on-trend without being a fashion victim; by keeping it simple, she pulls it off handily.

America Ferrera is great about sticking to a consistent, retro silhouette.

Christopher Egan‘s like, “wait! It’s about to get crrrrazy!”

In the, ahem, “defense” of director Gary Winick, it was raining off and on in New York, yesterday.

Although how this translates to a wool mushroom hat is an open question.

I’m all for pushing the boundaries of maternity chic, but is Jane Rosenthal‘s baby cool with the leather?

And for his next trick, Elew will mesmerize the crowd into forgetting what they just saw.

[Images via Getty.]

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