Derek Blasberg, ________, Is Vanity Fair's New 'Man on the Street' 


Derek Blasberg, the socialite that Getty Images frequently captions “actor” by accident, has been officially knighted by Graydon Carter as Vanity Fair’s “man on the street.” In a press release, Carter offered this explanation: “He seems to be everyone’s best friend.”

Vanity Fair did a short interview with the magazine’s newest professional It Boy, who attempted to explain his vague and high profile semi-job, a genre of employment that Blasberg has really nailed:

What I hope it means is that the magazine will utilize my skills as a professional extrovert and roving reporter on a relentless search for new hot spots, new hot people, new hot everythings.

Blasberg, who VF notes is the author of two books: Classy and Very Classy, managed to sneak in some bland life advice (“When in doubt, write a handwritten thank-you note”)–undoubtedly a subtle peg for his stationery line—and some even more bland life advice:

People ask me if there’s a secret to looking like you’re always having so much fun. It’s not a secret. I do have fun. Listen, if you want to be a person who’s around fun people all the time, act like a person that fun people want to have around.

[Slow clap.]

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