Diddy Reportedly Bans His Son From Empire, Because Money


Sean Diddy Combs, who’s familiar with the concept of screwing artists over for money, reportedly banned his son Quincy from guest starring on Empire due to publishing reasons.

As musical director, Timbaland supervises the process of creating all the original songs featured on Empire, which are later made available on iTunes and Spotify. Stars on the show are asked to sign contracts as a result. Page Six reports that Quincy was set to appear in an episode of Empire, but “Diddy hit the roof when he learned that his son would have to sign over a portion of his music rights.”

Well, well. Artists should fight for their publishing rights, but if Quincy didn’t create all the music himself and it’s “a portion” of his rights, then why is this a problem? (Maybe it’s about percentages.) According to a source:

“Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them to change their rules over music rights. He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show.”

Reminder: Empire is a show about the shadiness of the music industry.

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