Dirty, Filthy Animals Dance to Salt-N-Pepa's 'Push It'


You guys are disgusting. Seriously, I am disgusted. Turn off this horrible devil music and take your disgraceful, adorable asses home. Especially you, sexy parrot. You think I don’t see you there (shaking that ass?).

I need to apologize in advance for the beasts in this supercut. This video comes from Tastefully Offensive, but there’s absolutely nothing tasteful to all manner of fish and gerbil dancing around like they don’t know how to act like grownups and are perpetually caught at the eighth-grade Halloween dance that was shut down because SOMEONE (not me) was caught engaging in some serious frottage (gag) on the mats in the gym. Ugh, come on twerking panda, turn that shit down a few notches. This party is over. Put down your fruit punch!

Sorry for inflicting this on you, guys. It’s the internet’s world— I’m just living in it.

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